How to Unlock the Bootloader on the Galaxy Nexus

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich looks good on the Galaxy Nexus, but it would be better if you have the power to customize the phone the way you want it. Customizing your phone is possible if the bootloader is unlocked. If you want to unlock your phone’s bootloader, then you’re in great luck–we have a… Read More »

OnePlus One (Unlocked)

So buy oneplus – 5 quick , So, you made up your mind on the oneplus one. if you want the device, here’s what you’ll need to know about the oneplus one’s availability.. Oneplus finally official, q2 $299, Slim, light, packed with specs and priced to move the folks at oneplus have been building up… Read More »

Android Overload: Nexus 10 now in stock on Google Play, CyanogenMod making progress on 4.2 update, and more

CyanogenMod tinkering around with Android 4.2 source. Progress is being made, but it’s far from complete. [Google+] Samsung’s pumping out more Nexus 10′s. Both storage options now available in the Play Store. [Google Play] Android 4.2 factory images now available for Yakju Galaxy Nexus models. [Google Developers] Mimic a Windows Phone 8 homescreen on your… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S3 “Developer Edition” Coming To Verizon – Allows For Easy Hacking/Modding

Following in the footsteps of Motorola who introduced a special “developer edition” of their Droid Razr, it seems Samsung will be doing to the same with the Galaxy S3. The SGS3 Developer Edition will help appease the demands of the Android enthusiast crowd, giving those that like to tinker and mod their devices, easily unlocked… Read More »

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 Update Unofficially Available

It looks as if one of Android Central’s Forum members got the notification for the Android 4.0.4 update today and he was able to pull the file out and upload it for everyone to play with. In order to flash the update you will need to be completely stock with stock recovery to install as-is.… Read More »

Google Offers Further Clarification on Why They Removed “Support” for CDMA Devices in AOSP

Well here we go again, hopefully this will clear up that whole mess from last week where it looked like Google was dropping support for its’ CDMA devices like the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and the Sprint Nexus S 4G, and the upcoming Sprint Galaxy Nexus. According to Android engineer Dan Morril, the device is still a… Read More »

Editorial – Ice Cream Sandwich, Bloatware, AOSP, and Everything in Between

 A lot of terms today are thrown around in the Android community that to some, may be a little confusing. I have decided to write a post that may help clear up some of the confusion for the newcomers to the world that we have come to know as Android. The first part (that I… Read More »